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Website Speed Optimization specializes in fixing slow loading websites and dramatically improving site speeds on both desktop and mobile. As a result of our proven website and mobile speed optimization services, we enable our clients to grow their online success - from improved search engine rankings and higher engagement to boosted conversions and a better user experience.


We optimize your website speed based on the scoring criteria of all major site speed testing platforms.


Our website speed optimization services will boost your site speed scores
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With your lightning-fast, optimized website, you can transform the results of your online marketing

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Our journey began when we partnered with the website tapestodigital.com, using our website speed optimization skills to create a lightning-fast website that would achieve super-high scores on the major site speed testing platforms. The results were so impressive that we decided to bring this valuable offering to market, providing first-rate website speed optimization to all types of websites.

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GTMetrix scores

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GPSI score

Today, we are proud to offer our desktop and mobile site speed optimization services across all major CMS platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace. In addition, our ability to effectively fix slow loading site speeds and improve website performance means we help our clients achieve incredible scores on the world’s leading site speed testing tools, such as GT Metrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and WebPageTest.Org

If you need help with website speed optimization or mobile site speed optimization, talk to our site speed experts today and discover how we can transform your website speed in record time.

Case Study: Website Speed Optimization Secures Leading Scores on GT Metrix & Google PageSpeed Insights

When we optimized the tapestodigital.com website, our website speed optimization specialists addressed all the criteria used by major site speed testing platforms, covering everything from image optimization to coding issues and caching.

As a result, we achieved some of the highest possible scores on industry-leading site speed testing tools GT Metrix and Google PageSpeed Insights - check them out below.

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GTMetrix scores

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GPSI score

Want to achieve winning scores on the web’s leading site speed testing platforms?

Use the links below to find out how we can help you optimize your website speed and fix your slow website once and for all:

Website Speed Optimization Led to Higher Rankings, More Engagement, and a Boost in Conversions!

Website speed optimization helped the tapestodigital. com website reach the top spot on Google’s organic rankings for its main keywords.


As a result of optimized speeds, bounce rate was reduced, while average session length increased, showing a boost in user engagement.


A better user experience resulting from lightning-fast website speeds saw tapestodigital.com convert many more visitors into customers.

We Can Optimize the Speed Of Your Website

From Wordpress speed optimization to slow Shopify sites, improving the speed of a Squarespace website to enhancing the performance of a Wix site - our website speed optimization experts are here to help you solve your slow website woes.

Our website speed optimization experts are ready and waiting to fix your slow website and deliver powerful results. Contact us today and let’s get started on improving your website speed!