Power Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score With Website Speed Optimization

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Website speed optimization - gt_metrix_banner
Website speed optimization - gt_metrix_banner
Website speed optimization - gt_metrix_banner

We Turn Your Slow Loading Webpages Into a Super-Fast Website That Gets Better Business Results!

Is your slow website giving you a low Google speed score on PageSpeed Insights? Maybe slow-loading webpages mean you need a Google performance improvement plan? Or perhaps you’re desperate for Google PageSpeed optimization for Wordpress to improve your low Google speed test score?

Let Website Speed Optimization take care of your site speed worries! We specialize in optimizing website speed and site performance to deliver incredibly high Google PageSpeed Insights scores across desktop and mobile websites.


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What is Google PageSpeed Insights?

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of your web pages, then provides website speed optimization suggestions to make each page faster. PageSpeed Insights is one of a number of website performance tools from the search engine Google.

The speed of your webpage determines your performance score. A webpage that scores 90 or above is considered fast, 50 to 90 means a moderate speed webpage, and below 50 is considered a slow webpage.

Website Speed Optimization can help you gain super-high scores across all your webpages, on both desktop and mobile.

Improve Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score With Website Speed Optimization

How does Google PageSpeed Insights analyze website speed and performance?

Google PageSpeed Insights uses a range of metrics to determine the speed and performance of the webpages on your website. Google’s site speed testing tool identifies performance issues affecting the loading speed of a webpage, as well as looking at the real-world user experience of visitors to your website.

Here’s an example list of the type of recommendations Google PageSpeed Insights provides, based on the loading speed and performance of your webpages:

  • Eleminating render-blocking resources
  • Properly sizing images
  • Deferring offscreen images
  • Minifying CSS
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Removing unused CSS
  • Efficiently encoding images
  • Serving images in next-gen formats
  • Enabling text compression
  • Preconnecting to required origins
  • Avoiding multiple page redirects
  • Preloading key requests
  • Using video formats for animated content
  • Avoiding enormous network payloads
  • Using efficient cache policy on static assets
  • Avoiding an excessive DOM size
  • Avoiding chaining critical requests
  • Minimizing main-thread work
  • Ensuring all text remains visible during webfont loads
  • Minimizing third-party usage

As all of the areas above affect the speed of your website, the site speed experts at Website Speed Optimization will address each of these factors to dramatically boost your Google PageSpeed Insights score. And that means you can enjoy the many benefits of lightning-fast website speeds:


Improve Your Google Ranking With a Faster Website

Enhance User Experience By Optimizing Site Speed

Lower Your Bounce Rate By Reducing Site Load Time


Boost Conversions Through Improved Website Speed

Increase Average Session Length With Site Speed Optimization

Minimize Website Abandonment By Speeding Up Your Site

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How can I improve my Google PageSpeed Insights site speed score?

Wondering why your website is so slow? Unsure how to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score? Don’t worry - Website Speed Optimization has you covered! Our website speed optimization and mobile speed optimization will transform your slow-loading webpages into a super-fast website that loads in record time and gives your site visitors a superior user experience.

We fix speed issues across desktop and mobile sites, so you can sit back and relax knowing your website is running at optimum speed and performance. From Google PageSpeed optimization for WordPress, fixing slow loading webpages on a Wix site, to speeding up ecommerce websites built on Shopify - our site speed experts will get your site running as fast as possible in no time.

Chat to us today to discover how we can help you achieve incredibly high Google PageSpeed Insights scores for your desktop and mobile website.


Case Study: Website Speed Optimization Achieves Ultra-High Google PageSpeed Insights Score

We provided our website speed optimization skills to the tapestodigital.com website, in order to build a super-fast site that would tick all the boxes - exceptional user experience, awesome SEO, and a high conversion rate.

As well as enjoying number one rankings for all its main SEO keywords, the resulting website achieved fantastic speed scores on all major site speed testing platforms, including these great results on Google PageSpeed Insights:

Website speed optimization - group99

GPSI result

Website speed optimization - group6

GPSI results


Let Website Speed Optimization Boost Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score By Fixing Your Slow Website

If you need help with a slow website or slow loading webpages, Website Speed Optimization is your one-stop-shop for website speed improvement. By fixing your webpage performance issues, we help you achieve amazingly high speed scores on all the leading site speed testing tools, as well as boosting your search engine rankings and delivering a user experience your site visitors will love.

We specialize in website speed optimization for all types of websites, from wearily slow Wordpress or Wix sites, to frustratingly slow-to-load webpages on Shopify or SquareSpace websites. Our website speed optimization services will fix your slow-loading webpages and deliver a dramatically improved Google site speed score on PageSpeed Insights.

Ready to turn your slow website into a high-speed site that improves your SEO, user experience, and conversion rate?

Talk to the site speed experts at Website Speed Optimization and let’s get started on improving the speed of your website!