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As a website owner, you may be aware that onsite SEO optimization (also called on-page SEO optimization) is a crucial factor in improving your website’s ranking position on search engines like Google. But how do you improve your onsite SEO optimization, boost your search engine rankings, and gain more organic traffic?

The team at Website Speed Optimization can help! We’ll perform a complete audit of your onsite SEO, then work to boost the SEO performance of your website and dramatically improve your SEO score on major SEO site audit tools such as Ahrefs. Our onsite SEO optimization services address critical SEO factors across your website to help you gain more organic traffic and improve the user experience for visitors to your site.

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What is onsite SEO optimization?

Onsite SEO optimization refers to the practice of optimizing the elements (both the content and HTML source code) of the webpages on a website. In combination with offsite SEO practices, onsite SEO helps search engines understand what a webpage is about, in order to give it a ranking for the appropriate SEO keywords.

Onsite SEO optimization covers areas such as webpage content, internal links, meta data (like the title tag of a webpage), and image names.

Improve the Onsite SEO Performance of Your Website

What factors are involved in onsite SEO optimization?

Onsite SEO optimization covers a range of elements on a webpage, which work together to help improve your search engine performance. These elements include the actual content on your webpage - like the copy, graphics, rich media etc. - as well as the HTML coding ‘behind’ the page.

While there are many ways to optimize the onsite SEO of the webpages on your site, here’s a quick overview of the key areas involved in onsite SEO optimization:


Optimizing your website content for your identified keywords will help search engines interpret what each webpage is about.

Meta Data

Including relevant keywords in the title tag and meta description of every webpage is an important part of onsite SEO optimization.

Internal Links

Linking to other pages on your website is a good way to guide users around your site and give search engines a clearer understanding of the subject matter.

Header Tags

HTML header tags (<h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc.) help to break up page content and also tell search engines what each section of content is about.

Image Name + Alt Tag

Using the right keywords in your image names and alt tags can help get your images featured in relevant search engine results.


Bolded Text

Occasionally using bolded text on a webpage can help search engines identify important information and keywords.

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How can Website Speed Optimization improve my onsite SEO optimization?

As part of our onsite SEO optimization process, our SEO experts conduct an audit of your website in order to identify issues and opportunities to improve your SEO performance.

Our onsite SEO optimization services can help you achieve near 100% scores on major SEO site audit tool Ahrefs, which analyzes the SEO across your website in order to provide an SEO health score.

Ahref analyzes a wide range of SEO elements on your website, including

Website Speed Optimization addresses all of these areas, in order to optimize your onsite SEO. So you can enjoy all the benefits of superior SEO performance and higher search engine rankings.

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Case Study: Website Speed Optimization Achieves Near-Perfect Scores on Ahrefs

The website performance experts at Website Speed Optimization worked on the site tapestodigital.com in order to optimize website speed and improve onsite SEO performance.

Not only did the finished website achieve incredibly high scores across all major site speed testing platforms - including GT Metrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and WebPageTest.Org - but it also scored close to 100% for SEO health on the leading SEO site audit tool, Ahrefs.

Check out the awesome Ahrefs results below:

Ahrefs Scores

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